Projects on time

BIPULSE helps to match all projects deadlines

How many projects did your complete on time or before the deadline? Less than 20%, isn’t it?

One of the main reasons why teams can not fulfill their schedule is the wrongly estimated amount of work on a project, lack of resources, or inability to notice the time moment, when things start going wrong.

Be always in the focus

In order match all the deadlines you need to take four simple steps:

  1. Familiarize ourself with the core project management methodologies: Agile and/or Critical Chain (CCPM).
  2. Plan your project in BIPULSE.
  3. Pay attention to those issues that bring your company (team) closer to the main project goal.
  4. Keep the consumption of the critical chain buffer below the red zone during all the stages of the project.
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BIPULSE helps to manage IT projects via utilizing the Agile and Critical Chain methodologies and by putting focus on the project’s ultimate goal.

You can easily find the bottleneck of the project and solve the potential problem in time by using the “Solution Cube” feature, which is able to visualize the project from various points of view: the amount of work, occupied resources, and schedule. Learn more

Critical chain buffer indicator. Fever chart.

The combination of BIPULSE together with the Agile (or Critical Chain) will help boost the revenue and save your time because of the following reasons:

  1. It will notify when the changes in the project need to be made.
  2. Based on notification, you may make a decision regarding the project’s plan change.
  3. It will also bring the immediate benefit to you customer via changing his/her expectation regarding the project and possibility to re-schedule the deadlines.
  4. Additionally, it will boost the customer’s expectations regarding the prject.
  5. The completed on time project will make your customer satisfied,
  6. which will bring new contracts to your company in future.
  7. As a result, it will boost the revenue of your business.

It is estimated* that the minimum revenue increase could rich over then amount of 30 000 USD, just by integrating BIPULSE into your project.

(*) Estimated revenue loss, in case, when the six months fixed-price project was delayed on 50%.

Project indicator

Do you want to match all the deadlines?

Consider to evaluate your project via BIPULSE to get new insights into your project.

We will import all your existing project from your current issue tracker, such as YouTrack, Redmine, JIRA, MS Project, and RiskGap into your trial version of BIPULSE.

Trial period: 30 days